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Show me/ Tell me 

QUESTION and Answer


Show  me

Show me how you would check that the directional indicators are working?

Apply the  Hazards and walk around the car and check them


Tell me

Tell me how you would check that the foot brake is working before you start out on your journey?

As you start your journey you should pressing the foot brake. They should not feel soft or spongy or pull to one side



Open the bonnet and identify the windscreen washer reservoir is and tell me how you would know if it needs top up?

Identify the windscreen washer reservoir and point out the maximum/ minimum


Show me 

Show me how you would check that the brakes light are working correctly? (I may help If you need,the ignition may be needed but on please do not start the engine)

Press the foot brake and by using a reflection surface or get someone to help check them


Show me

Show and explain how you check that the power steering is working before you start your journey?

Put gentle but firm pressure onto the steering wheel while  starting the engine and you should see the wheel move a little also when you put the key card in you might also see it move. (or the wheel will be heavy if not working after starting the engine)


Tell me

Where would you find information about the Tyre pressure for this car and how do you check them? 

In the manufacturer’s hand book in the clove compartment or on the wall of the Tyre or on the inside the drivers door. You would use a reliable pressure Gauge make sure you Tyre's are cold not hot

(not forgetting the spare tyre and put the vales gap back on) 


Show me 

Show me how you would check that the hand brake is working correctly and controls the car 

Apply the foot brake take of the hand brake re-apply the hand brake and ensure that the hand brakes hold the car and the hand brake does not go to the end of its travel


Show me

Show me where you would put the oil in the car and how you would know when to top it up and to what level 

Open the bonnet identify where you put your oil. The car  should be on a level surface and the engine should be warm not hot/cold bring the dip stick out first clean it and repeat twice more to see the level inside the engine top up if required


Show me 

Open the bonnet and show me the engine coolant max / min

Point out where this is and show where the max / min is and top up when engine is cold. (the max never let it go as low as min level )


Show / tell

How do you adjust the head restraint so it gives you the best protection?

Make sure that your head is in the middle of the head restraint


Show me 

Brake fluid reservoir  show me the max / min level

Open the bonnet and point the brake fluid reservoir and show me the max / min level ( should never go below the min)


Show me 

The horn how does it work off road only?

Press the horn making sure it sounds.( and off road so that others don’t thing you hooting the horn at them  thus off road only)


Tell me

What is the min depth tread for your tyres  and are they in generally good condition 

No cuts or bulges  1.6mil three quarters of tread depth across the middle of the tyre and around the outside of the tyre


Show me

Clean/Wash the front and back windscreens

The right hand arm below the steering wheel lift it up to the steering wheel to wash the front and twist the end of the same arm for the back one and hold it till water sprays


Show me

Abs Warning  light is and what would you do if it come on

Point to it and if it come on you must get your car to a garage as soon as possible and get it check out


Show me 

How you would know if your light / front and back are working  (no need to leave the car)

Switch on your light and you will see two green light on in the dash board on the right


Show me 

How you would demised the windscreens back and front

Switch on the heating for the front and back (making sure you leave it on when done )


Show me 

Fog light lights (and when you would use them)

You must have your head light on first and then switch on your fog light front and back ( to be used when visibility is lower than 100 meters )


Show me

How would you switch from dipped lights to main beam lights while inside the car

Switch the light on and show you know how to change from dipped to main beam and the how you would know ( head lights are green full beam is blue)


Tell me

How would you check that your reversing lights are working

(I may help you )

Put the car into reverse and by using a reflection or get a third party to check they are working